Indian Civilization and Culture || Indian Civilization and Culture objective question Answer

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Indian Civilization and Culture || Indian Civilization and Culture objective question Answer

 Indian Civilization and Culture objective 

Indian Civilization and Culture has been written by ? 

Ans : Indian Civilization and Culture has been written by Mahatma Gandhi . 

He is called Bappu or the father of nation. 

This Chapter is a speech deliverd by Mahatma Gandhi.

This chapter we get the difference between Indian Civilization and European Civilization .

  Indian Civilization And Culture Summary 

 Indian Civilization & Culture Has been written by Mahatma Gandhi who is called the father of nation ( India ) . He was the foremost leader of his period . The present chapter is a speech delivered by him when some indians were copying the civilization and culture of England . He says that Indian Civilization is as old as the Civilization of other  civilization of other countries Of the world the but  people of other Contraes  have changed their Civilization according to time and thair  II necssJaanity . their civilization Has got its modernity  but Indians have to changed  their Civilization up to you know their force civilization it still very old.  He  says  that some of the the countries of the world are limiting  Indian civilization because of  its  quality like unity  self control through love brotherhood and  certification . He says that Indians civilization is different it form European  Civilization because Indian Civilization teaches the lessons  of morality but  European  civilization teaches  the lesson of i immorality .in India nature is valuable  and  worshipped as got But in Europe machines  are valuable Air Force new machines  are invented  daily .  he says  that mind is  a restless  bird Because the more people have,  the more  want mens they do not  certification therefore they Run Bhind  unnecessary  things and their life become meani ngless but in India Indians live with certification and follow Cut your coat according to to your courth  therefore they a spend there  life with  full  of  pleasure   with their friends  relatives  because there have enjoy time.  He  says   our   ancestors dissuad ud From luxurious and pleasure because they saw  the lives  of the rich and the poor.  the life of the poor was better and happier  then that of The reach therefore our an cestore dissuaded us from running behind  wealth. again he  the says  that our ancestore  did not like  lerge  cities because they  thought  in that in  Large  was not seen in village  therefore they were  sertified  with a small village machines  create Mini problem like pollutio dised i s eas e ses etc . so Europen  civilization is not good for the people of India. Gandhiji wants to say  that both Indian and Europen  Civilization and good but Indian civilization age good for the people of India and Europen  Civilization age is good for the people of Europe  . This chapter we get the difference between Indian Civilization and European Civilization .

Indian Civilization and Culture Ouestion Answer 

Que. How is Indian Civilization different from European Civilization ? 

Ans. Indian civilization is different from European Civilization in many ways .Indian civilization teaches us  mortality but European Civilization teaches as immorality.Indian Civilization different from European Civilization.

Que. What is Civilization in the real sense of the term according to Gandhiji ? 

Ans. Civilization in the real sense of the term according to Gandhiji .According to Gandhiji, civilization is the parh of life that teaches the lesson of of morality, humanity,stratification and affection towards others .

Que. What according to Gandhiji, modern civilization ? 

Ans. According to Gandhi ji, modern civilization means the civilization of machines were people depend on machines and machine made things to get relief .

Que. why does Gandhi ji say that mind is a restless bird ? what makes the mind restless? 

Ans. Gandhi ji that mind is a restless bird because the more people have, the more they want means they do not have stratification therefore they run behind unNecessary things . 

Que. Why did our ancestore   dissuade us luxuries  and pleasures ? 

Ans   . our ancestore  dissuaded us form luxiries And pleasures  because they say  the life  of the rich and the poor .  the life of the rich was full  of tension  because of enough wealth  but life Of the poor was full of of joy  because the did not Have wealth .

Que .   how did our ancestry view lage cities ?  why were the  satisfied with A small village ? 

Ans. aur creators did not life large cities because they thought that in  large cities people were dishonest and unkind but their view where would towards small village means they were satisfied with small villages.

Que. How did our ancestores enjoy true ‘Home Rule ? 

Ans. Our ancestors enjoyed true Home Rule because they a develop rules for all other the rich or the poor so that there might be the balanceof of relation honour and love among them .

Bharat is My Home Objective and Summary

Bharat is my home has been written by Dr Zakir Hussain. this is a speech delivered   by  Zakir Hussain He  what the third president  of India and earlier  he was the the government of Bihar.  He took an oath in 1967  as the third President of  India. he died in1 in 1969 .he worked  around 2  Years as the president and lived  72 Years  in this life. The chapter Bharat is my home has been written by Dr Zakir Hussain who who is the hard president of India .  after completing  the period  of II president  of  Dr  s. Radha Krishna , Zakir Hussain is invited  of For the post of presidency befor getting the post of presidency  he  governor of of Bihar.  In1967  inhe took an oath as the   president of India and delivery a  speech  addressing the people of India . he says  that he will maintai law order peace  and harmony Unity Civilization and culture in the country e so that Indians may  complete their dream in good environment.  He says  that he will Provide many facilities  welfare of India.  address that Bharat is this home and the the citizen of India are the members of this home  so he will help  them  day and night he says  at the bill complete the  uncomplete  back of the second President who brought a revolution  in the field of education.  He says Diet Heal Proide  many  facilities  in education so that most of the people of Indian may  be  educated  and ID may   understand that burning problem of the  netion  like unemployment illiteracy provety   and  terment .  He Apples  the people of India to start the the business  were  some Indians may  get job and they land there better and more peaceful  life .  again he says That their Nation  become very e old and it was suffering  form  many problem but no it is is the duty e of the youth who change their nation into  young start were  people can live peacefully and they may  be  proad of the nation |

Bharat is My Home Question Answer 

 Que .  what did Dr.  Radha Krishna bring  to the presidency  ? 

Ans  . Dr  Radha Krishna brought the role And work to the presidency so that people  of nation might  Gat education  mental relief  and equality in all  fields by the role  of  presidency .

Que  . what oath did Dr. Jaakir Husain take of ? 

Ans   .Dr .  Zakir Hussain took the oath as the  third president  of india . 

Que  . What is thebu thesiness  of education ? 

Ans  . The business of  education isto maintain law  and other  peace  and harmony Civilization and culture so that the nation may  progress . 

Que  .  what did Dr Zakir Hussain pledge himself to ? 

Ans  . Dr Zakir Hussain pledged  himself to serve his  countryman honestly . He pledged  that Bharat is his  home and the people of this Nation are this family e so it is his  duty to their problem . 

Que  .  Why  does Dr Zakir Hussain call India’’ state of  an ancient  people ? 

Ans  .  Dr . Zakir Hussain call India’’  the  young state of an ancient People’’ because our anci ent culture is a live and we can make our  future well  on  the basis  of our ancient Peoples  blessings .

indian civilization and culture objective

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