Bihar Board 12th English Objective Question 2022 | Class 12th English Objective

12th English Objective Question 2022

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12th Exam English Important Objective                       

                          ( Objective Type Questions )

Question No. 1 to 60 have four options out of which only one is correct . You have to attempt only 50 questions.

1. A poem of ………. lines is a sonnet.( Choose the correct option )

(A)  13                                        (B)  14

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(C)  16                                        (D)  18.

2.The prose ‘Bharat is My Home’ is written by

( Choose the correct option )

(A) Germaine Green                (B)  Pearl S. Buck

(D  Shiga Naoya                        (D)  Zakir Hussaion

3. Choose the correctly spelt word :

(A)  Govement                            (B)  Goverment

(C)  Govment                              (D)  Government

4. Choose the correctly spelt word :

(A)  intelligent                             (B)  intelligent

(C)  intelegent                              (D) intlignt

5. My mother ….. 42 years old next Monday.

( Choose the correct tense form )

(A)  will be                                    (B)  will have

(C)  was                                         (D)  is

6. Have you seen …… Taj Mahal.

(A)  a                                          (B)  an

(C)  the                                       (D)  No Article 

7. Rita ……. To the radio.

(A)  is listening                           (B)  are listening

(C)  am listening                        (D)  had homework

8. I am ………English.

(A)  learning                               (B)  learn

(C)  learned                                (D)  learnt     

9. He …………. Video games.

(A)  had playing                          (B)  am playing

(C)  are playing                           (D)  is playing

10. I ……taken my Camera.

(A)  have                                      (B)  will had

(C)  was                                        (D)  may had

11. Gandhijee was born ………1869.

( Choose the correct preposition )

(A)  in                                             (B)  into

(C)  by                                            (D)  to

12.He leaves the bed …… 6’ O clock in the morning.

( Choose the correct preposition )

(A)  at                                              (B)  to

(C)  with                                          (D)  for

13. Choose the correctly spelt word-

(A)  Pentor                                       (B)  Peintor

(C)  Painter                                      (D)  Peantor

14. Choose the correct sentence:

(A)  I is going to Patna.                     (B)  I am going to Patna.

(C)  I are going to Patna.                  (D)  I had going to Patna.

15. This girl never (see) the Taj Mahal.

( Choose the most suitable option )

(A)  This girl has never seen the Taj Mahal.

(B)  This girl is never seen the Taj Mahal.

(C)  This girl not see the Taj Mahal.

(d) This girl has seen the Taj Mahal never.

16. John Donne is a ……….. poet.

(A)  nature                                         (B)  metaphysical

(c)  cavalier                                        (D)  romantic

17. ‘Sweetest Love , I Do Not Goe ‘is :

(A)  a didactic poem                          (B)  an allegorical poem

(C)  a love poem                                 (D)  None of these

18. Walt Whitman has written the poem:

(A)  An Epitaph                                   (B)  The Soldier

(C)  Song of  Myself                             (D)  Fire-Hymn

19. The Soldier is a …….. poem.

(A)  nature                                            (B)  war

(C)  love                                                 (D) happy

20. Who has composed the poem, ‘Macavity:

(A)  T.S Eliot                                         (B)  W.B Yeats

(C)  W. H Auden                                   (D)  None of these

21. Eliot was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in-

(A)  1947                                                 (B)  1948

(C)  1949                                                 (D)  1950   

22. Who has composed the poem “ An Epitaph “ ?

(a) Water dela mare                               (b) D.H Lawrence

(c) Rupert Brooke                                  (d) W.H Auden

23. Walter dela mare belonged to ……… century ?

(a) 19th

(b) 20th

(c) 18th

(d) None of these

24. Rupert Brooke was born in – ?

(a) 1886                       (b) 1887

(c) 1888                       (d) 1889

25. Who has composed the poem ,Macavity :The Mystery Cat “ ?

(a) T.S Eliot              (b) W.B Yeats

(c) W.H  Adune         (d) None of these

26. Macavity is a – ?

(a) Dog                (b) Rat

(c) Tiger             (d) Cat

27. Who was composed the poem ‘Snake ?

(a) D. H. Lawrence               (b) T.S.E Eliot

(c) W.B. Yeats                       (d) W.H.Auden

28. Kamala Das was born in ………?

(a) 1933                 (b) 1934

(c) 1935                 (d) 1936

29. Kamala Das has written the poem –

(a) Snake                                      (b) Fire-hymn

(c) My Grandmother’sHouse     (d) The solder

30.kamala Das is an …..poetess. ?

(a) American             (b) Indian

(c) African                 (d) Russia

English 30 Objective Answer
1 – B 11 – A 21 – B
2 – D 12 – A 22 – A
3 – D 13 – C 23 – A
4 – B 14 – B 24 – B
5 – A 15 – A 25 – A
6 – C 16 – B 26 – D
7 – A 17 – C 27 – A
8 – A 18 – C 28 – B
9 – D 19 – B 29 – C
10 – A 20 – A 30 – B

 12th english important Objective 2022                     

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